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Colgan's plays are available for synopses and review on the National New Play Exchange

Red Roses at a Funeral, 2002, premiered September 2018 by Eden Prairie Players, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.


Running in Wingtips, 2007, staged reading Masquer’s Playhouse, 2008.


The Zahsman Murders, 2008, premiered January 2011 by Arclight Repertory, San Jose.

— Review: “In writing ‘The Zahsman Murders,’ Jim Colgan says that he had ‘no lofty goals, no cautionary tale to tell, no moral lesson to teach, no deep meaning purposely buried for critics and commentators to ponder.’ His play is simply a whodunit in the classic style. However, it is definitely not a cheesy, dinner-murder-mystery evening. This is a serious play, with wonderfully engaging characters [and] a well-crafted plot …” –, 2011.

The Story of Oh (Revised and Abridged), 2010, premiered November 2010 in the Marin Fringe Festival for One Acts, Winner, Critic’s Award for Best Play; finalist in the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival and produced at the Lion’s Theatre in New York City, 2011; Finalist in Player’s Theater Short Play Festival, and produced at the Players Theatre in New York City, February, 2020.

— Review: “The play is a sexy farce with easy to memorize dialogue consisting only of the word “Oh ” in various meanings, positions, situations, all flowing from one another. Quick entrances and exits, often with characters caught in a lustful embrace, pepper the spicy scenes.” – John McMullen, The Berkeley Daily Planet, 2011.


Making It Home, 2011, staged readings at Masquers Playhouse, 2012, and SoBe Arts (Miami, Florida) 2014, Finalist in the 2013 New Play Fest of the American Association of Community Theatres; Finalist in What If? Theatre’s new play contest, 2016; Finalist, OC-Centric New Play Fest, 2020.


The Fuhrer’s Mistress, 2013, named Best Play in the Jewel Box Theatre’s New Play Festival, 2016; staged reading by In the Water Theatre, New York City, 2016; premiered March 31, 2017, by The Morehead Theatre Guild; produced April 7-16, 2017, in Denton, Texas, by Rover Dramawerks 365 Women Per Year playwriting project (under its original title, Hitler’s Whore.)


Interrogation (short version), 2014, premiered by Lucky Penny Productions, Napa, California, April, 2015; produced March 2018 by The Phoenix State Company, Oakville, CT.


Interrogation (one act version), 2014, finalist in the OC-Centric (Southern California) New Play Festival, 2016.


Be Prepared! 2016, premiered September, 2016, by Asphalt Shorts, Kitchener, Canada; performed November, 2016 by Relationships Theatre, New York City.


The Mulberry Bush, 2017, finalist in the OC-Centric (Southern California) New Play Festival, 2018, premiered at Chapman University, Orange, California, August, 2018.

— Testimonial: “It is easy for me to recommend James Colgan’s The Mulberry Bush to you. In recollecting a romance, Bob Dylan once sang: “Sundown, yellow moon/I replay the past/I know every scene by heart/They all went by so fast.” This script movingly and incisively captures these very feelings, that sense of falling into profound, spellbinding love and the mourning of its dissolution. If you’ve ever known a love that you can’t walk away from, or a love that you dream of walking back to, this play will resonate. So finely observed, it feels so true to life, and it deserves publication.” – Eric Eberwein, Associate Director, OC-Centric New Play Fest, 2018.


Avoidance, a docu-drama about the opioid epidemic, premiered January 25, 2019, Rowan County Arts Center, Morehead, KY.

— Audience Review: “I went to see the play ‘Avoidance’ last night.  While the play is not something that I would recommend seeing for entertainment purposes, I would definitely recommend seeing it for the message it sends; it was quite an eye-opener for me.  There were so many things that I never knew are actually going on; very appalling things … They did a good job of presenting the points of view of various sides: those who were addicted to heroin; those who have been fighting to get help for those who are addicted; law enforcement officers; those who think it is not a problem worth bothering with, at least ‘not in our back yard;’ and those who have loved ones who are addicted or have even lost a loved one due to an overdose – both those who want to get the word out to try to help others and those who feel ashamed and want to ‘sweep it under the rug’ rather than having anyone else know what has gone on in their family. I think that the best thing about this play is that it not only presents the problem, but it also presents possible steps that can be taken to try to solve the problem. This is a play that should not be performed for just one weekend in just one place, but it should be showing on several dates, across the nation.” – Kathy Lewis, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Morehead State University, January 2019.


The Chrome on a Trailer Hitch, 2019.


Dealing With It, 2020.

Wendigo, 2020, finalist in Scranton Shakespeare Festival’s 2021 “Scratch Night” of new plays, 2021.

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