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“Silas in the Old Barn: A Christmas Tale” 2012, published November 2, 2020, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Etsy

– Silas, a scroungy old Tabby cat out looking for a meal on a cold winter night finds a miracle in a manger. 

“Going Upriver to Burnside” 2012,*published February 3, 2021 by Mannison Press, LLC

– A young man badly wounded in war struggles to make his way home while remembering the horrors of the conflict and the unbearable pain he has suffered both physically and mentally.

“Shelter” 2013, published by The Sewanee Review, Spring 2016 Edition*

– When his unit is separated from the main body of troops, a soldier finds comfort and fleeting love in a tiny village in France.

“Miz Polly’s Beau” 2014*

– After their previous lives have been wrecked by betrayal and war, Polly and Hubbard meet as adults and find renewed love, star-crossed though it may be.

“The Scent of Coming Home” 2015, finalist in Glimmer Train’s 2018 Family Matters Contest*

– Based on a true story, a young woman relates the story of her father’s life both before and after going to war.

“The Court Martial of Nathan Leatherwood” 2015*

– An African-American fighter pilot in World War II is accused of murdering a white enlisted man and faces a court martial directed by a racist, bigoted military prosecutor.

“Tea with Mrs. Baumgardner” 2015

– The Reverend Bramble has a visit with his least favorite and most eccentric parishioner. Things do not go well.

“Sergeant MacQueen’s Last Duty” 2016*

–  (Based on a true story) An ordinary man performs an extraordinary service by returning the remains of a dead soldier decorated for valor to his family in a small town in Appalachia.

“The Long Night’s Moon” 2016, published by daCunha Global 2017

– An elderly man driving alone on Christmas Eve to visit the only family he has left stops to find some comfort at a church in a small town along the way, only to be shunned for being a stranger.

“Esther” 2019

– A young woman abducted at age sixteen, addicted to heroin by force, and sold into the sex trade, tells her story.

“The Game” 2019

– The fortunes and misfortunes of a small town football team in Appalachia are followed over a four year period in which the characters deal with poverty, social distinctions, the pettiness and meanness of teenagers, and a near sociopathic coach until it comes down to the last contest, the one great struggle, “The Game” that may change all of their lives.

“Morning After” 2020

– (Flash fiction) A young woman wakes up in the bed of a stranger.

*Included in a collection under the title “Going Upriver to Burnside: Stories of the Great Campaign,” which was a Semifinalist for the Hawk Mountain Award 2019


“Vigil,” 2014, published February, 2021, by Months to Years Literary Journal.

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